What does MFAL do?

Our vision is to advance mathematical education requirements for children and youth

throughout the whole of New Zealand.

We are connecting communities, improving and enhancing not only math skill

sets but also extending to assist their overall well-being and quality of their lives.

Mathematics for a Lifetime is committed to transforming the lives of

underprivileged children, youth and new immigrant children.

This allows families in financial stress to have the same opportunities as other children.

We are very passionate about eliminating inequalities and barriers in the lives of less fortunate children. 

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Together we can make a difference

Imagine the joy of knowing that your support is helping a child overcome barriers, dream big and discover their love for mathematics. By subscribing for MFAL you are planting the seeds of hope and opportunity.

 Your generosity reaches far beyond a child learning mathematics. It touches the hearts of children, inspires their dreams, and builds a foundation for a future filled with possibilities. Subscribe now and be part of this extraordinary journey.

Our Initiatives 

Meet a few of our students who have Mathematics funding.

Fun with Numbers pilot programme

Mathematics for a Lifetime News

Welcome to the Board Graeme

I'm delighted to share that I've joined the MFAL Trust. Since first learning about the Trust, I've been inspired by its vision and the lasting impact it has on children's lives. It's a privilege to nRead more

Demitriess nails it!

Demitriess has expressed excitement for each session and excitement in embracing new challenges. Last term, my concern was that he lost a lot of confidence over mistakes and found it difficult toRead more

Cicada bravely speaks

Hi my name is Cicada, I have been going to maths for three years.  It is now my favorite subject at school. Thank you Jean and my teacher Margaret. Also thank you to my sponsors Mr and Mrs Selkirk,Read more

Waipa Networks partnership

Waipā Networks sponsored The Mountain Movie Fundraiser held at The Regent Theatre Te Awamutu this month. The event was organized to support the Mathematics For A Lifetime (MFAL) Charitable Trust, aRead more

Xavier speaks up

Good evening my name is Xavier Shields. In Year 8 I was given the opportunity to receive a scholarship for maths tuition with Maths for a Lifetime. I wasn't to know that this would be life-changingRead more

Answer to New Zealand's maths problem remains elusive.

 At primary and intermediate school, Megan was a quick learner. She flew through most subjects, scoring good marks in an advanced learning programme. But maths made her feel sick to her stomach. NowRead more

Welcome Marrissa - new Approved Tutor

Ngaa mihi nui e te whaanau my name is Marrissa Rawiri-Flogdell. I currently teach at Hamilton North School. My reason for supporting and joining MFAL is that I want to give back to the community. OurRead more

Welcome Megan

As a parent and a photographer working with young children, I'm passionate about children having strong foundations that set them up for the rest of their life. So much of a person's happiness, succeRead more

Narelle Brooks

I have joined the team at MFAL as administrator as I am highly passionate about helping others.  Being involved with MFAL is a huge honour.  Jean's set up of this Charitable Trust allows theRead more

Michelle Flemming - Board member

As a mother of two, one of my children had high and extreme learning challenges. Despite this happening they have been able to complete and study to have an exciting career. Personally, I can understRead more

What's so important about Maths anyway?

Mathematics helps children develop problem solving skills, logical thinking, and the ability to analyse and evaluate information. It also helps them understand relationships between different conceptRead more

Christmas shopping sorted!

We all have that someone who is difficult to buy for… imagine the gift of education!  This year we have Christmas baubles at varying prices to solve your Christmas gift problems! At MathematicsRead more

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We've done a count! Six hundred and nineteen students have been helped since MFAL began! Do you struggle to decide which charities to support? Do you feel overwhelmed by the vast selection of organisations, unsure of which ones to trust with your hard-earned money? Introducing Mathematics for a Lifetime - the perfect solution to take the stress out of giving. Our Trust helps you base your giving on your values and interests, allowing you to easily track your help providing simple giving for one-time gifts or monthly giving. Make your giving efforts count with Mathematics for a Lifetime Charitable Trust. Invest in this cause and organisation for kiwi kids whose lives you care about most today! Come join our team of people making a difference in their communities.

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Transforming lives

The MFAL board

Read more about the team behind MFAL.

Success in Maths = Better Opportunities

Young people can more easily transition to tertiary education, training and employment when they do better in maths. Our work helps to provide financially disadvantaged young people with access to the best opportunities possible.


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