Narelle Brooks

Being involved with MFAL is a huge honour.

I have joined the team at MFAL as administrator as I am highly passionate about helping others.  Being involved with MFAL is a huge honour.  Jean's set up of this Charitable Trust allows the community to be apart of opening up, wonderful opportunities for children's learning through Mathematics.

No child should miss out on learning Math. 

The children's success stories from MFAL makes my heart sing.  We are so privileged to be apart of their growth and development.

Children and Education go hand in hand and the importance of Math is huge.  Math leads the way to transform all areas of your life.

I want to make a difference in children's lives and help open up pathways, so Kiwi kids can step into positive changes for their future. 

I cannot wait to share in the excitement of making a difference through MFAL and action our wonderful visions.


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