Demitriess nails it!

Demitriess celebration

Demitriess has expressed excitement for each session and

excitement in embracing new challenges. Last term, my concern was

that he lost a lot of confidence over mistakes and found it difficult to

learn through teacher modelling rather than figuring it out alone.

This term, he has taken mistakes in his stride a lot more and taken

the time to understand them so he can fix them. He now

understands that not knowing how to do something straight away is

to be expected and that there is nothing wrong with being shown

how to solve a problem.

For the first few weeks this term, the main focus was consolidating

all of the addition, subtraction, and multiplication from last year.

Then we covered fractions and the meaning of numerator and

denominator. For the last 4 weeks we looked at the meaning of the

division symbol and how it relates to multiplication. Demitriess

seemed very proud when he realised all of his effort in multiplication

could be translated to the division topic. It was so great seeing the

'light bulb' moment when the inverse relationship between

multiplication and division clicked into place for him.

After 3 terms of tutoring with MFAL, Demitriess has gone from

working below the standard for his age, to currently meeting. I

expect him to be working above standard by the end of the year. He

was a child who struggled to stay inside a classroom for more than

10 minutes, sit in on a guided group session or complete any work

independently. Now, he will not only join in with maths, reading and

writing during class time, he is now starting to embrace new

challenges and use materials as support when working


As his MFAL tutor and day to day teacher, I am

confident that the maths tutoring was a direct cause of all of these

improvements to his confidence, learning and behaviour.


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