Waipa Networks partnership

'We support organisations and projects that promote education, equality and empowerment.'

Waipā Networks sponsored The Mountain Movie Fundraiser held at The Regent Theatre Te Awamutu this month. The event was organized to support the Mathematics For A Lifetime (MFAL) Charitable Trust, a non-profit organisation that aims to advance skills and knowledge of mathematics for Kiwis, breaking down barriers.

Waipā Networks CEO Sean Horgan and MFAL’s chair and founder, Jean McKenzie, shared inspiring words at the event, highlighting the importance of access to education and how it can transform lives. The event also featured reflections from students, coupled with a film that highlights the importance of education and community support.

“We believe that investing in education is one of the most effective ways to empower younger people and strengthen our community, and we’re proud to support the MFAL Trust and their efforts to help those who may find learning challenging struggling,” Horgan says.

“We’re also an organisation that wants to attract and recruit younger people in technical areas, so as a STEM subject, this programme closely aligns with our values,” he adds.

The Mountain Movie Fundraiser was a great success. All funds raised will support various local initiatives of the non-profit organisation, including providing resources, support and training programmes to help kids who feel nervous, anxious, low in self-confidence, or have other learning challenges to reach their full potential.

Waipā Networks is committed to making a positive impact in the community and supporting organisations and projects that promote education, equality, and empowerment. Horgan says the business plans to continue its support for the MFAL Trust and other Waipā-based organisations that are working to reduce hardship, and build a brighter future for current and future generations.


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