Welcome Megan

Megan's introduction...

As a parent and a photographer working with young children, I'm passionate about children having strong foundations that set them up for the rest of their life. So much of a person's happiness, success and stability is rooted in childhood. 


Helping children learn mathematics is about much more than just the actual skills. It helps children who are struggling to go from feeling like a failure and feeling like there is no point trying because they can't do it, to having a sense of confidence in themselves and their abilities. Even more importantly, it shows them that challenges are things that can be worked through and overcome, rather than things to be buried by. The maths skills they learn will help them through the rest of their schooling and open up so many career choices, but the confidence and tenacity they learn will change their entire lives.


I'm so excited to be involved in providing these foundations for children.


I bring to the board 17 years experience in management and corporate accounting, audit, and continuous improvement, as well as 8 years of managing first one and now two small businesses - my newborn and family photography business (Ruby Red Photography), and a Virtual Assistant business providing accounting and process improvement services (Business Ninja).


When I’m not photographing babies and families or helping other businesses cut through the overwhelm, I’m juggling life with three little boys, trying not to eat too much chocolate, and staying up way too late to Do All The Things. Once upon a time my ultimate excitement was exploring exotic places around the world with a camera in hand. These days it’s exciting enough making sure kids don’t destroy each other before bedtime. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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