Tuition Programme

Our Approved Tutors work with individual students that require mathematical support or extension. This is both In-person and Online tuition  to enable us to reach out to the whole of New Zealand.

The tuition is based on the New Zealand curriculum and is targeted at their specific learning needs. This is vital for porting their learning at school.  

immediate outcome is improved academic performance overall, coupled with increased confidence. The longer-term goals are improved work prospects and/or admission to higher level learning upon completion of secondary education.

A higher level of education in the wider community leads to economic benefits to the community and the country.

We will achieve this by utilising our existing tutors, sourcing out more tutors and reach out to children, youth and new immigrants across the country by promoting our work, vision and our successes.

Approved Tutors

MFAL places great importance on the quality of our Approved Tutors who are part of our Team. Hand picked and passionate, our Tutors are deeply committed to our values and to making a positive difference in children's lives no matter the barriers. Their heart lies with the transformation that children are capable of making with support, knowledge and empathy. Our Approved Tutors have a professional understanding of the mathematical requirements that each individual student needs. 

Do you think you would like to be part of the Team? Send a us a message or complete the Application form.

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