Four key outcomes for our children's future using mathematical support.

Financial capabilities for funding

Immediate outcomes include greater confidence and familiarity with numbers will assist in day to day financial interactions and budgeting. 

Long term impact means the wider family will also gain skills and understanding that will benefit future decision making. 

Transforming lives so they have potential, not fixing at the bottom of the cliff. 

Employment and economic prosperity for families

Improved academic performance will improve work prospects.

Improved education level leads to better career and employment prospects for individuals, which benefits their families and the wider community through overall improvements in economic performance.

Pathways to employment and economic prosperity

Support will help students gain knowledge, understanding and confidence. Improved education levels will allow access to more academic subjects and higher education and so a wider range of career options.

With higher levels of education leading to wider employment options the whole community benefits.

Healthy and stable families

Improved confidence and self-belief through gaining understanding will flow on to other subjects and life areas.

Confident children that are succeeding improve home life by injecting an attitude of hope.


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