Rae MacDonald - Friend of MFAL

 I believe that all children should be given the opportunity to build their numeracy skills so that they can shine in whatever field they choose.

As a mother of a dyslexic child and a workplace numeracy tutor, I understand not only the massive struggles that a child can have growing up struggling with maths, but the lifelong mental & social impact of not being confident with telling the time, checking payslips, paying bills, budgeting & employment opportunities

From the moment we are having our first feed and deciding we are full enough, we are unknowingly using maths – measuring the feeling in our tummy. Just like reading, maths is everywhere, we use it all the time. For some of us it is easy to understand. For some of us, we need to learn it in a different or creative way. For example half a chocolate block may be easier to understand the fraction than half a pizza. Quarters may be easier to learn in fractions before time (quarter past). Not to mention all the different terms for the same action, e.g. subtraction / minus / takeaway.

As a friend of MFAL, I fully support breaking down any barriers to our rangatahi being the best they can be, now and in the future.


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