Long term Board member Susan

It’s said that it takes a village to raise a child and the same could be said about
businesses and organisations. No one person can do it on their own. So when I
decided to set up Mathematics for a Lifetime Trust, I knew I’d need help!

Susan Brennan joined the Trust at the very beginning of the journey and has been a
huge asset. Not only has she contributed to the development of the Trust, she’s
had the role of treasury the whole time.

One of the reasons Susan was so keen to be involved was she believes education is
fundamental to supporting future career options.

“I am personally saddened to see students limit their future by thinking they *can’t*
do maths”. Susan believes (and so do I), that when children are supported to
understand basic concepts, they become more competent and confident.

I’m so pleased Susan said yes to being involved and really appreciate everything she’s
done over the years to help me, the Trust and all the students who’ve received
funding for tuition.



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