Shelley Greer - Board member

Board member and legal extraordinaire!

“Investing in knowledge pays the best interest” it’s a quote from Benjamin Franklin and for Mathematics for a Lifetime (MFAL) Trust board member, Shelley Greer, it sums up why she wanted to get involved.

Shelley, a mum, lawyer and Gallie Miles director, is a keen learner herself and believes being confident about learning is key to gaining knowledge and in turn, having access to a wide range of career options and opportunities.

Choosing to get involved with MFAL was an easy “yes” for her because, “mathematics is
such an integral part of our lives, so helping children and young adults improve their maths skills is important. It not only builds their confidence with maths but in other areas of learning and life in general.”

We are thrilled to have Shelley on the Board. As well as her commitment to ensuring
children and their families/whanau have access to tutoring, she brings a wealth of legal knowledge and experience to MFAL which has been really helpful.


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