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The feel good factor

For every high I experience working with our tutors and students, there are lows.

It breaks my heart when a child needs help but their family isn't able to financially or emotionally support them.

Or when a child has struggled with learning and they've become highly stressed and anxious.

The targeted tuition we provide makes a difference but that's not enough for me.

Mathematics for a Lifetime Trust was setup to remove the cost barrier. Through the generosity of everyday people we can change that so that it goes towards tuition scholarships. We also recently launched the Online courses, a cost effective, self-paced learning option. 10% of these online course fees goes straight back to MFAL as a donation.

But we're not just about the tuition. I work closely with the likes of Kaz Pollard to better understand how we can support highly stressed and anxious children.

For me, this all highlights a lesson I've learnt as a business owner - to make an impact, you need to be all in. Sticking with it through the highs and lows. Finding innovative solutions. And one of my favourite things ... looking for opportunities to collaborate.


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