Jean McKenzie | Chair

 My vision is to advance mathematics education for children and young people across all of New Zealand, increasing their choices which means  creating lifelong opportunities for their futures.

 Teachers are challenged daily with class sizes and curriculum pressures. Anxiety and difficulties with maths are very real for so many students which means they are directly affected on their learning journey. My dream is that we can use exciting initiatives to make a huge difference to kiwi kids using mathematics as the tool.

My background includes teaching for thirty years including some time in the UK which also presented me with many opportunities. Eight years ago I took the jump into running my own Tutoring business which has opened many doors and lead to the development of this Charitable Trust. 

 I was lucky enough to grow up in a small country area called Pukeatua, Waipa with the great lifestyle that went with this. I have known first-hand the value of a community and how this can influence the lives of people in them. To this end I believe in communities coming together to help our children and young people from all types of diverse backgrounds. 

By collaborating we can achieve this - together we are stronger to create a positive change for kiwi kids.

 ‘Transforming lives’


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