Paul Kelly - Kip McGrath

Personal bio

Education is a critical component for success in life. Providing students with quality education is what I have tried to spend my life doing. I trained in Auckland as a primary teacher and completed a degree mastering in Education. I also took part in a Dip Maths Education which included calculus and problem solving in Primary school math. I moved to the Waikato and continued in the Primary sector as both Deputy Principal and Principal of several schools. I then went into business running Kip McGrath in Hamilton, initially doing some part time work at a High School. Although maths is a natural strength, literacy, and early reading, including structured literacy now, is what many people know me for.

I thoroughly support the MFAL initiative to provide mathematic education for those who can’t afford private tuition. School alone is often not enough for those who really want to succeed..

Paul Kelly,  NZCER Level Assessor, Director Kipe McGrath Hamilton, Cellfield and Irlen Centre.


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