Maria Heslop | Board member

I joined MFAL as children and their education are super important to me.  Coming from an investment adviser background and having a husband as a builder I realise that maths is an important foundation in any career no matter what that might be or what background you come from. Its also a basic foundation of life in anything from money and budgeting to working out how many of something you will need for a task.

I love the way that MFAL gives kiwi kids the support they need to not be disadvantaged by the amount of money that their family has.  Tutoring should be a basic need given to all children to help them excel, feel confident and to be all that they dream of being.

I hope to get many people and businesses on board with the trust so that not only can we become self-sufficient but year on year we can support more kids in tutoring and in doing so teach them that the world is a great giving place, where the more fortunate give to the less fortunate and one in which if you work hard - you are only ever really limited by your imagination.


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