What's so important about Maths anyway?

Love it or hate it - what's so special about Maths?

Mathematics helps children develop problem solving skills, logical thinking, and the ability to analyse and evaluate information. It also helps them understand relationships between different concepts, which can be applied to other areas of learning. Mathematics also encourages children to explore and discover, which helps them to become independent thinkers. As adults, these skills are essential for success in all areas of life, from managing finances to making decisions.

Without a solid foundation in mathematics, individuals may struggle with concepts in higher level mathematics, science, and technology, which can limit future opportunities. Additionally, not understanding mathematics can lead to feelings of frustration and a lack of confidence in one’s abilities. This can lead to a negative attitude towards mathematics and can cause individuals to avoid mathematics-related tasks.

Jobs that rely on mathematics skills include builders, electricians, accountants, financial analysts, engineers, statisticians, computer programmers, mathematicians, actuaries, data scientists, and economists. These jobs require a strong foundation in mathematics, as well as an understanding of how to apply mathematical principles to solve real-world problems. Without a good understanding of mathematics, these jobs can be difficult to achieve.

In conclusion, not knowing mathematics can limit opportunities and affect an individual’s success in adult life, not only in their working roles but in day-to-day life as well.


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