MFAL Annual Quiz Night


You deserve to have a fantastic night out with your friends, family and/or colleagues. Imagine that! Fun and competing while supporting a fundraiser that will help the kids in your community overcome barriers that prevent them reaching their true potential.

Your big heart has made it possible for MFAL to have helped 670 kiwi kids, youth and new immigrants to New Zealand, since the launch of MFAL. This is a massive outcome but as you can imagine, the poverty, low self-belief and the demographic challenges that these kids of New Zealand currently face, are sadly at an all-time high.

There are many, many more families that need our help with transforming their kids' lives and breaking down the barriers of inequality.

All children deserve the right to a proper education that will hugely broaden their opportunities in life.

This year we want it to be bigger and better again! We cannot do this without you and your amazing support. You can be one of those incredible people that has allowed MFAL to continue helping children and their families.

Your support and generosity are so appreciated and from the bottom of our hearts we are so grateful.

So, book your tickets now and we will see you there!

Table number 6-8 people.

Price $100 + GST

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