Welcome to our new Treasurer - Samantha

Welcome to Samantha Donaldson

We are thrilled to welcome Samantha joining us. Samantha is stepping into the shoes of our long term previous Treasurer, Susan Brennan.

Samantha us a Bachelor of Applied Manager and is a Senior Accountant of FINNZ Accounting, Te Awamutu.

Samantha grew up at Ngatea, a small rural community in the Hauraki plains, North Island, New Zealand.

During her time there schooling was available for those who had the intellect to do this.

"I believe opportunities need to be given to people who actually deserve them - this is my why.

I am excited about being involved in this initiative which makes such an impact on kids in communities.

I have always felt that the education system should set you up for life.  Maths is everywhere in the real world application.  It is so important in day to day life. Education allows you to make informed decisions and options in life."


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