Introducing our new Board member

Introducing our new Board member - Joey Uden

We would like to introduce to Joey Uden, our new Board member.  We are thrilled to have someone with such compassion and empathy for kiwi youth plus a deep belief in the importance of education.

In Joey's words;

"I have been lucky enough to be in a position that allows me to support young people into roles which gives them huge opportunity to grow, learn and build their own success that allows them to support their families and their communities, and the basis for that opportunity is having a strong foundation of education. 

My name is Joey Uden, and I am a Senior Partner for the Agribusiness Service Centre at the BNZ.  I have been with the BNZ for 22 years and have constantly been driven by being able to help people, both customers and colleagues, to achieve their goals, whether that be personally, with their business or with their careers. 

Mathematics is an absolute cornerstone of education and giving children the ability to build that strong foundation through increasing the understanding and ability in maths has the absolute ability to transform the lives of any child, but particularly for those who are underprivileged.  I know this from my own circumstances having been raised by a single father on the benefit.  The confidence of knowing that you can achieve in school as a child flows into other aspects of life and gives them the ability and pathway to look for opportunities that will allow them to be successful. 

 To be involved with MFAL to help Jean and her team support kids and their families to use education to improve their lives is something I am very excited about, as I love seeing young people succeed and achieve more than they thought they were capable of.

Personally, I live in Hamilton with my wife Shari and my son Joshua who is a year 9 student at Hamilton Boys High, and when I’m not working we are passionate supporters of Josh’s footballing teams."


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