Ben Van Rooy - Board member

As any business owner knows, there's a lot to do and you can't do it all on your own,
especially if your mission involves positively impacting the lives of others.
So it's important to me that the Mathematics For A Lifetime (MFAL) board is
comprised of people who are skilled, committed and passionate.

And Ben van Rooy is definitely all of that and more.

Ben believes every person should have the opportunity to learn maths because it's an essential
skill needed in our personal and professional lives.

As the founder of Human Digital, a digital agency, that works collaboratively with
businesses to design great experiences for customers while improving efficiency
and profitability, Ben has helped us identify ways MFAL can work better. One of
the first projects Ben led for us was a revamp of the MFAL website to make it
more user friendly. If you haven't visited it recently, do check it out www.mfal.org.nz

In the short time Ben has been on the Trust, he's had a positive impact and I'm looking forward
to continuing working with him as we ensure more kiwi children receive maths
tuition so they can have a world of opportunities open up for them.

Thanks Ben.


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